Yankees by The Numbers Hardcover Book 2010

Yankees by the Numbers, by Bill Gutman

This is an excellent book to have nearby when watching a ball game. Want to know the Yankees who wore No. 13 before A-Rod? Look it up and you'll find such 'luminaries' as Antonio Osuna (2003), Michael Coleman (2001) and Cliff Mapes (1948). Gutman concentrates on the most famous of the number wearers in each group, all the way from one to 99, giving biographies, career accomplishments, stats and anecdotes. He occasionally opines on some of the more controversial players (A-Rod, Piniella, Billy Martin) but mainly keeps to the facts/stats.

Like I said, if you're watching a game and want to learn about the team's history, just open to any page and you'll probably learn something you didn't know. That is it's best asset. Gutman doesn't go into a lot of detail on any individual players, but he gives solid summaries of their careers and occasional anecdotes. It's quantity over quality, which is not necessarily bad since it serves the purpose of the book: giving a rundown of every Yankee to wear every number.

Also included are nearly 100 photos of baseball cards, which give a nice feel for the time period of the given player, often better than words can do. Yankees by the Numbers is a book that's meant to be read; it's not a coffee-table book for skimming. It has more 'meat' than most other let's-tell-you-how-great-the-Yankees-are books. While it works best for casual fans, even the hardcore among us will find a lot to like.

Yankees by The Numbers Hardcover Book 2010
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