Vance, Dazzy Ken-Wel Pro 560 Baseball Glove

Hall of Famer Dazzy Vance Glove A replica of the Ken-Wel Pro 560 used by Brooklyn's Dazzy Vance. The Ken-Wel Dazzy Vance glove was the most innovative design of the time and considered to be the first modern baseball glove. The glove unique at the time features are now found on all of today's baseball gloves. Try to find a baseball glove today without laced fingers or welting (the stitching found up the middle of each finger stall) You can not. In the 1920's most players and manufacturers felt that stringing the fingers would constrict play. The acceptance of this design would happen after the patent ended in the late 1940's and other manufacturers could make the design. Display this in you sports collection or on your office desk. Comes with a letter of authenticity.
Vance, Dazzy Ken-Wel Pro 560 Baseball Glove
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