Say - Hey and the Babe

Say-Hey and The Babe: Two Mostly-True Baseball Stories by Neil Waldman, Neil Waldman (Illustrator) Hardcover Children's Literature You will have to read this book at least twice—once to enjoy the interesting storyline and once to read through the sidebars and insets that provide historical vignettes to compliment the fictionalized tales. The slang and language used in New York at the time is also explained in the sidebars. The story line follows three little boys as they save their lunch money in order to be able to go see Willie Mays play baseball. Their story is intertwined with that of a young girl who, in 1927, was struck by a baseball hit by Babe Ruth at Yankee Stadium. Treated by the Yankee's physicians, she was also given a baseball signed by the entire team. Her treasured ball was lost by her brother when he used it because his team needed a ball to continue their own pick-up game. The melding of the stories comes when Pete, Moose, and Eddie find the "lost" ball in a sewer while searching for a rubber ball that their hero, Willie Mays, had hit while playing stickball in Harlem in 1951. The pen-and-ink illustrations have a historical look without being simply painted in sepia to give them an aged appearance. The color illustrations are a combination of watercolor, acrylics, and graphite. There is a lot of baseball history and "trivia" packed into this picture book. The historical note on the last page gives the actual facts behind the stories. You do not have to be a baseball fan to find this one interesting. 2006, Holiday House, Ages 6 up.
Say - Hey and the Babe
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