Ruth, Babe

About the book
The Bambino . . . The Sultan of Swat . . . The Colossus of Clout . . . Babe Ruth is widely regarded as the #1 baseball player of all time. His contribution to the sport simply can’t be overstated: Largely responsible for bringing baseball to its current level of popularity, Ruth changed the game from a low-scoring, speed-dominated sport to the high-scoring, power-hitting baseball we see today. Larger than life in his own time, the Babe continues to be a legendary figure in ours.

Babe Ruth is the ultimate book for any true baseball fan, telling the story of his groundbreaking career as well as memorable tales from his often-colorful life off the field. Featuring a winning line-up of rare and never-before-published photographs, the book also includes pull-out facsimile reproductions of memorabilia such as World Series tickets from 1916 to 1932; newspaper articles chronicling the Babe’s record-breaking achievements; the official souvenir program from opening day at Yankee Stadium in 1923; and Babe Ruth’s first professional baseball contract.

A glorious memento of an incredible career, Babe Ruth is a fitting tribute to one of the 20th century’s towering personalities.


About the author
Julia Ruth Stevens is Babe Ruth’s daughter. An ardent baseball fan, she is involved with the Babe Ruth League and the Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore. She and her husband divide their time between Arizona and New Hampshire.

Bill Gilbert is the bestselling author of 19 books, including six on baseball
Ruth, Babe
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