Jackie Robinson Story DVD Starring Jackie Robinson

The Jackie Robinson Story is a 1950 biographical film starring baseball legend Jackie Robinson as himself. The film focuses on Robinson's struggle with the abuse of racist bigots as he becomes the first African American Major League Baseball player of the modern era. Even during its release in the era of racial segregation, the film did remarkably well at the box office. On April 19, 2005, 20th Century Fox and Legend Films released a colorized version of the film, donating a portion of the proceeds to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, a charity which benefits education for gifted students. An "official" version remains in release by MGM Home Entertainment (whose sister company, United Artists, produced this film). The film begins with Robinson as a child, being given a worn-out baseball glove by a stranger impressed by his fielding skills. As a young man, he becomes a multi-sport star at the University of California, Los Angeles, but as he nears graduation, he worries about his future....


Initial release date:

  • May 16, 1950

Directed by:


  • 1 h 16 min

Screenplay by:

Jackie Robinson Story DVD Starring Jackie Robinson
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